[Talk-GB] Restoring a usable map service!

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Oct 31 09:04:34 UTC 2015

On 31/10/15 07:39, Ed Loach wrote:
>> Bing and Google are almost useless, and the new indistinguishable
>> > rendering primary routes and motorways on OSM once everything
>> > finally
>> > re-renders are going to be useless as well. 
> As I just posted on talk, I was attached to the old colour scheme and didn't want it to change for change's sake, but now it has I can see it is visually much clearer than the old colour scheme and I have no problem distinguishing between primary routes, trunk routes and motorways. 
> I was particularly concerned about tertiary going white, but even those are significantly different to residential and unclassified that they stand out enough for me to feel it is an improvement.

I'll provide visual examples of the problems that the new colour scheme
creates in rural areas. It's the same with Bing and Google, but osm's
'old' style while not perfect did at least allow the tertiary roads
which around this neck of the woods provide the key fast routes to be

I worked through to 5:30am and got a replacement for the embed facility
working into the French tile server and I can replace that with my own
server once it's updating reliably. The French tiles have provided a
couple of bonuses so on my own roadmap are working in the right
direction. http://goodflexrubber.com/wiki/Home+Block+10 is 90% there

Not quite sure what Bing is up to.  get the idea of the spooky stile for
halloween but the purple colouring for roads?

Anyway ... got to get out to site to fix another bloody sick M$ machine :(

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