[Talk-GB] Restoring a usable map service!

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Oct 31 14:51:45 UTC 2015

On 31/10/15 09:27, Matthijs Melissen wrote:
>> new indistinguishable rendering primary routes and motorways
> For my information, could you take the test on
> http://enchroma.com/test/instructions/ and tell me what it says? It's
> ok if you prefer to respond off-list.

I have Normal 'Color' Vision even though I do now ware glasses. But I
work with a number of clients who support visually impaired or people
with other disabilities and we do take a great deal of care to get
flexible control of both size and contrast of material being displayed.
My urgent problem is the one already described ... people with learning
difficulties come to rely on stability and when things change to can
cause panic attacks. YES I need to remove the problem by building my own
servers, but this needs to be a consistent national resource. The simple
addition of a 'classic' default which can be restored is often all that
is required, but when the whole system keeps changing apparently from
day to day it can be frightening to some people, or makes safe usage
difficult if as is the case with both windows and android, the sequence
of operations a visually impaired user is used to suddenly stops
working! They often can't 'see' the fix. That is one of the major brick
walls with M$ ramming W10 onto machines without our being able to stop
it and retain the original W7 classic desktop. Often *WE* have no
control over updates :(

Just something simple like the current mess with scroll bars on
applications where some have both up and down button at the bottom, or
the modern style of hiding the thing off the side, added to the
apparently totally random way some page up and down when clicked outside
the bar and others just jump to that location. All of this makes for a
totally confusing mess.

When the renderers finally catch up with all the tiles in the areas I
want to use as a demonstration of the problems the new style is creating
in several of the rural areas I support then I'll publish a proper
document, but while switch2osm may well produce a working system for
some ... I have to also support current paying traffic on the hardware
and that prevents running too many different competing web services.

The MAIN problem which both Bing and Google maaps hve always had and
which many routing services also mess up is that around here many of the
main roads are 'tertiary' but they are still 60MPH speed limit, and it
would probably actually be better to dodge the problem by re-clasifying
them as secondary which has actually be done - incorrectly in some
places! The whole UK system is essentially SIX levels with motorways,
primary trunk roads, main roads, secondary classified roads, secondary
unclassified roads and the whole residential and service layer. The B
roads need to be clearly separated from the rest of the lower level
structure, but so do the tertiary roads and these are now slowly
vanishing from the new rendering :(

I have now established where some routing problems arise, and this is
down to segments of a tertiary route being tagged as 'minor' which
certainly on OSMAND used to add a block to the use of that route. A
combination of fixing the tagging, and the better defaults in OSMAND
does seem to be improving the situation, but IDEALLY what one is using
on the sat nav in the car should match display wise what one has
reviewed on the desktop prior to planning the route ... so in addition
to stabilising the broadband service, the off-line services need to be
kept in sync, along with the editors ... and so it goes on :(

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