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I was thinking of a different possible project which perhaps we can postpone until a different quarter rather than starting today.


There are a lot of buildings which have been traced from various imagery layers but with no other useful information on them. Is it a shop, a house, what is its address, etc?


I was going to suggest that we spend three months trying to gather the address information for such buildings, and at the end of the quarter remove all the others to give us a better idea of how complete the map is. If we just want approximate building shapes we’ve got OS OpenData for that. At the moment they give a false impression of completeness, and also make it harder without zooming in to work out which areas still need a proper survey.


If the project proves successful we could extend it to farmland areas where hedges and fences haven’t been added to break up the area.




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Hi everyone

It seems from the discussion on this topic that you would like a subject similar to schools for which monitoring tools can be built relatively quickly; will improve the map for the greatest number of potential users; and now we might have some better weather, something that needs  some surveying rather than rely on too much armchair mapping.

So the suggested topic we start on from tomorrow is Healthcare facilities, concentrating on hospitals (get a complete dataset, get detailed site plans,add bus routes and stops,do some indoor multi-level mapping etc.) and doctors surgeries. Anybody who wants to go off and concentrate on others such as pharmacies, dentists etc feel free to do so

I feeel that we should continue background effort on schools to keep some of the momentum, and list it as a national ongoing project on the wiki. I'm sure Robert's postcode-based completion will continue to be available and RobJN will continue to run the taginfor script for schools

Happy mapping



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