[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project April-June 2016

John Aldridge jpsa at cantab.net
Fri Apr 1 09:15:21 UTC 2016

On 01-Apr-16 08:30, Ed Loach wrote:
> I was thinking of a different possible project which perhaps we can
> postpone until a different quarter rather than starting today.
> There are a lot of buildings which have been traced from various imagery
> layers but with no other useful information on them. Is it a shop, a
> house, what is its address, etc?
> I was going to suggest that we spend three months trying to gather the
> address information for such buildings, and at the end of the quarter
> remove all the others to give us a better idea of how complete the map
> is. If we just want approximate building shapes we’ve got OS OpenData
> for that. At the moment they give a false impression of completeness,
> and also make it harder without zooming in to work out which areas still
> need a proper survey.

I vote against that. Outlines traced (with appropriate care) from 
imagery will often be more accurate than OS OpenData outlines.

> If the project proves successful we could extend it to farmland areas
> where hedges and fences haven’t been added to break up the area.

I know several places round here where there is no hedge, fence or any 
other substantial boundary between fields: the farmer just leaves an 
uncultivated strip.


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