[Talk-GB] Composite mapping with OSM and OS data etc

Luke Smith luke.smith at grough.co.uk
Thu Apr 7 14:23:51 UTC 2016

There was some talk on this list last week about the increasing number of
other sources of open spatial data now available in the UK, and how some
people are now mixing this together for composite maps.

I thought I'd give you a heads up that next week we'll be announcing a
project intended to make it easier to do just that. We're developing a
suite of open source tools, scripts and workflows to merge together data
from different sources, ideally selecting the highest quality data source
available for an area. This is specifically targeting outdoor leisure maps
and route planning.

Our intention is to create a workflow that allows maps to continually be
updated on this basis, rather than the single release approach taken by the
OSMGB project that Richard Fairhurst mentioned last week.

If that's of any interest to people, you'll find more information at

As examples, contour information is produced by merging Environment
Agency/NRW data with OS Terrain 50. Paths and tracks are taken from
OpenStreetMap, but supplemented by the PRoW datasets from the relevant
local authority if they're available, but the database reflects the fact
it's a legal right of way but there may be no path visible on the ground.

We're keen to work out how best to work alongside OSM, as we will
eventually be asking the users of our web and mobile apps to contribute
information back to the map, and volunteer their track logs after they've
been for a walk. We'd like to share this information with the OSM community
but recognise it won't always be good quality and it isn't something which
could be imported wholesale.

I stress that this is a work in progress, especially with regard to missing
labels on features and contours, but feel free to look at
http://map.grough.co.uk/demo/durham.png for an example tile near Durham.




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