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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 23:01:35 UTC 2016

Hi Greg,

cc talk-gb (certainly helpful to post there).

This looks great. One that would benefit the wider UK group. I particularly
like the suggested matches map which enables me to add the correct details
to OSM via "Add tags in JOSM" link (note for others: the address tags need
setting correctly when you use this method). I've not seen this approach
before so good to have something new to reduce manual copy-paste.

Do you mind if I guest post this to mappa-mercia.org?

Best regards,

-- Greg wrote: --
Hi all,

I've developed some tools for visualising Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)
and OSM data, finding possible matches between it and importing useful tags
into JOSM.

I think the FHRS data is a useful source of postcodes and addresses, and it
can also be a helpful reminder of local establishments to add to the map.
It is my hope that the tools I’ve developed could help us to efficiently
add and verify data in our local areas (rather than importing large amounts
of data automatically).

I have created a set of maps (one per OS Boundary Line district) for the
West Midlands and uploaded them here:
Please do have a look and I hope you find them useful.

I don’t have the time or computing resources to update the data very
regularly or to widen the geographical area beyond the West Midlands, but
the code is freely available at http://github.com/gregrs-uk/python-fhrs-osm
<http://github.com/gregrs-uk/python-fhrs-osm> if anyone would like to use

I can post this on the wider talk-GB list if this would be helpful…

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