[Talk-GB] UK Capter Community Interest Statement Form CIC36

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 21:34:02 UTC 2016

Thanks Brian,

The CIC form makes the vision much clearer (unlike the AoA which is always
going to be a legalise-esque dull document). It's a good reminder of why we
are doing this :-)

The first activity listed touches on "provid[ing] a mechanism for
developing as a community rather than as disparate, scattered individual".
This follows on from my recent comments on the AoA and the contrast I drew
between the template AoA and the Constitution of the (Unincorporated
Association) WM-ODUG. That constitution set out how decision making works
amongst the members which is one element of the activities aim to develop a
community. It's very different from the current proposed AoA for
OpenStreetMap United Kingdom.

Today we have the opportunity to make the AoA more about our desired way of
working, and not just the legal text we refer to when something goes wrong.
In fact one could argue that if the AoA don't match our desired way of
working (the AoA is the Constitution after all) then something has "gone
wrong" before we even start.

As always I look forward to hearing the views of others on this matter.

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