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Wed Apr 27 12:52:51 UTC 2016

Apologies for not making the conference call last week, and I forgot to
send my apologies (was busy leading a Missing Maps event).

I should be able to make the one tomorrow evening.

I'm surprised we've got such a short list of members, are people waiting
for the first GM to happen when fees are to be set? You won't be
"auto-charged/enrolled" once we're established, so I don't see it as being
a commitment.
E-mail osmuk at nomoregrapes.com with your full name and postal address and
I'll add you onto the list.


On 22 April 2016 at 11:38, Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Last night's concall made some good progress: there are no minutes (Greg
> we missed you!), but here is a summary of decisions and contentions
> 1. Name to appear on incorporation documents will be OpenStreetMap United
> Kingdom Community Interest Company. No doubt in everyday use this will get
> shortened to OpenStreetMap UK, but our legal name will be the full monty
> 2. Drafting needed to ensure that co-option of Directors is subject to the
> same maximum (15) as elected Directors
> 3.Drafting needed for Directors election timetable
> 4. Removed all clauses (para 40) relating to member organisations ( these
> will be covered by Associate Members)
> 5. Can't remember what we decided on natural persons being Associate
> Members
> 6. After the meeting thought: do we need to insert a clause with an
> obligation to keep a register of Associate Members ( as OSMF has in its
> AoA)?
> 7. AGMs were agreed - timing as per draft
> 8. Incorporation Document CIC36 Community Interest Statementneeds drafting
> - Brian to prepare a draft
> 9. Founding members - more are needed urgently - there's no subscription
> set at this time. Remember that the first General Meeting will be held soon
> after incorporation where the Directors listed for incorporation will all
> resign for new ones to be appointed by the membership and various matters
> will be discussed and agreed which aren't appropriate in incorporation
> documents(e.g subscription rates). If you're not a founding member I guess
> legally you can't participate. Send your full name and address to osmuk at
> nomoregrapes.com (this is Greg Marler )
> 9. Powers of Directors. This was a contentious issue and took up most of
> the meeting. We agreed a way forward but there was considerabe discomfort
> about the outcome. It's fundamental to the organisation so deserves a wider
> discussion: expect a separate email and discussion shortly.
> 10 Next concall Thursday 28 April 8pm
> Anyone who was present at the concall please add or correct
> Regards
> Brian
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