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Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 12:51:19 UTC 2016

Happy New Year! (and Happy New Mapping Year!) The first Quarterly Project
for 2016 is now under way and is Schools. There are really two strands to
this project.

The first is to remotely (armchai)r map and get an increase in coverage of
the number of schools

The latest government data is for January 2012 which shows 24,372 schools
in England (including nursery schools, state-funded primary schools,
state-funded secondary schools, special schools, pupil referral units and
independent schools.)

For Wales that data is from January 2015 : 13 Nursery Schools; 1,330
primary schools;6 middle schools;207 secondary schools;and 37 special

For Scotland data is from September2011 and shows 2,553 pre-schools, 2,081
primary schools, 367 secondary schools and 158 special schools.

For Northern Ireland data is from October 2015 and shows 96 nursery
schools; 827 primary schools; 202 secondary schools and 39 special schools.
Additionally there are 14 independent schools and 1 hospital school.

That gives a total of 32,318 schools. Taginfo shows 27,191 schools which is
84.1% coverage in OSM. However 6,348 are represented as nodes only. It
would be great to have these as polygons and associated buildings. It would
also be great to have close to 100% coverage.

This data comes from a cursory web search. If anyone has better or newer
data, it's welcome.

Schools can be remotely mapped (armchair mapping) by using Ordnance Survey
OpenData StreetView(OSSV) data where school buildings are individually
identified (but not always named). This data needs to be cross-checked with
Bing aerial imagery which can often show OSSV schools as either having been
demolished with a resultant brownfield site or housing redevelopment, or
with buildings having been demolished and rebuilt in a new configuration.
Often where a school site has ceased to exist, a completely new school site
has been constructed nearby.

The second strand is for those who prefer surveying: existing school names
change (e.g change to Academy Status, amalgamations); there will schools in
OSM with no name, and with the advent of free schools, new ones will be
appearing constantly.

So there's plenty to do over the next few months!

There's a progress table
already established. You'll need to access the sheet marked Schools
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