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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 17:41:00 UTC 2016

>On 04/01/16 10:11, Lester wrote:

>On 03/01/16 22:14, Rob Nickerson wrote:
>> This makes use of the TagInfo to Google Sheets script that Adam Hoyle
>> kindly wrote for the last project :-)
>Do we really have to resort to pushing traffic to google which then gets
>linked to other google services?
>I don't find wikidata any more practical for this sort of material, but
>it does at least seem a little more sensible for producing an index of
>data items and knowing just how bad some of the official lists are at
>providing a clean and electronically usable list of that data, this
>could be a good data set to produce a set of standards which can then be
>applied to other data sets. A cover page on wikidata with the current
>totals, and linking through to an index of individual schools.

Hi Lester,

I'm sure that wikidata would love to be able to put the EduBase data in to
their system. A cover page would then show progress of how much data has
been populated in to wikidata. It wouldn't show how much data is in OSM
(unless everyone also put the OSM id in wikidata).

If you were thinking we could make the taginfo script to write to wikidata
instead then I don't think they accept data like that. As a reminder here
is the file (sheet 2). As expected progress appears to be negative so far
but this is because we are cleaning existing bad data up :-)


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