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Sorry - should have added a bit more to that!

Where I had this before, I could separate the grounds into two polygons. However, this one I can’t. So I’m thinking that I tag the buildings as amenity=school, name=*, ref:edubase=* and then put a boundary polygon in which I tag … amenity=school? Should I also name it? The schools are Hamstel Junior School and Hamstel Infants School, together known as Hamstel Schools (which is what the single node currently has in OSM).


On 8 Jan 2016, at 15:21, Stuart Reynolds <stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk<mailto:stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk>> wrote:

…and two schools, one site?


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On 8 January 2016 at 12:22, Stuart Reynolds <stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk<mailto:stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk>> wrote:
Hi All,

I have some questions about naming, and also the content of Edubase.


If someone could also suggest how to tag one school split across two sites, I would be very happy!

Many thanks

I'd also be interested in the one school / multiple sites issue.

These are becoming commoner as one school takes over another. The particular problem is that each site will have a name and the school itself will have a name. One example is the Nottingham Bluecoat School which has two sites, the original main site, and the Wollaton Park Campus site<http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/16487967> (a 'failing' secondary school taken over by Bluecoat, but now various functions are partitioned between the sites). Perhaps something like campus_name might work for now: I find the concatenation Bluecoat School - Wollaton Park Campus unwieldy and it's not easy to identify these multi-campus institutions.

(A side note, this school also hosts churches at both sites: slightly diffiicult in terms of locating the actual hall used for services & debatable whether rented locations should be specifically marked as place of worship, although in these cases both are signed outside the school).


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