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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 22:01:44 UTC 2016

Hi all,

> Cross post to talk-ie (we are working on a quarterly project to map
schools - feel free to join (see item 3 below).

A few updates for the schools mapping project. As always there is also the
page on the wiki for quick reference (
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UK_Quarterly_Projects ).

0. Changeset comments
Don't forget to add #OSMschools to your changeset comments. I will ask
Pascal Neis for an updated "Who's contributing" dataset next week.

1. Calling all video tutorial experts
I've put out a call on Mappa Mercia's twitter (and now here) asking for
someone to create a very short "How to map schools in iD" video. I think
this will help with engaging new communities so if you feel up to the task
give me a shout :-)

2. Robert's data by postcode.
Robert W has updated his comparison site to enable you to download the
schools by postcode data as a geojson. Example download URL is:

Once downloaded, open the file, delete the first line ("var matched = ")
and save.

3. Northern Ireland data
I have downloaded a snapshot of Northern Ireland "schools plus" data from
2016-01-12 and asked Robert to add it to his comparison tool.

Source: https://www.deni.gov.uk/services/schools-plus (go to the schools
plus site, click the "All institutions" button followed by the export link
on the left). It includes items in "schools" and "non-schools" grouping as
set out at http://apps.deni.gov.uk/appinstitutes/InstViewInstType.aspx If
you want a copy of my pre-processed data then let me know.

4. Isle of Man data
This is online if anyone wants it. Given it is a smaller community I would
prefer to encourage them to add it to the map. The video tutorial will help
here :-) Data at:

5. ITO World map of schools
This map is mainly useful for OpenStreetMap contributors who want to ensure
that they collect names for all schools in an area. View it at

Happy mapping
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