[Talk-GB] Schools project - update 2

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 22:43:46 UTC 2016

Another update on the quarterly project.

0. The what project?

1. GL postcode gains the lead
I've updated the progress table in the above link. GL postcode has surged
from 12th place to 1st! Well done :-)

2. Matching algorithm updated
It looks like Robert W updated the matching algorithm shortly afterwards as
all percentages have seen an increase. London WC is now showing as 100%
complete but the detailed page gives another story. Don't forget to use the
ref:edubase (and similar) tags as Robert's tool makes use of these.

3. We inspired OSM-BE!!
Great news: The OpenStreetMap Belgium group has set up the same quarterly
project in their country.

4. The edits continue at pace :-)
Today saw our highest number of changesets with the #OSMschools tag and,
after an initial clear out of bad/duplicated data, the total number of
schools is on the rise. We are also still converting nodes to ways so
that's great too :-D

5. Department for Education tweeted us!
I'm hoping to get them involved :-)

Thanks all,
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