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alasdair at dunakin.me.uk alasdair at dunakin.me.uk
Sun Jan 17 00:08:14 UTC 2016


I'd like some advice please on how to tag 2 Schools that use the one

I'm looking at Blairgowrie where they have a new site "Blairgowrie
Community Campus" and 2 Primary Schools are located there. Each School
has its own seedcode. I can't see any information on the websites of the
campus, either school or the Council to suggest how the building is
divided between the 2 schools or even if it is entirely shared.

I'm aware Stuart Reynolds asked a similar question but I don't think it
was ever answered.

I've used 
name=Blairgowrie Community Campus
alt_name= St Stephen's RC Primary 
alt_name_1= Newhill Primary School 

but I can only add one ref:seedcode

Does anyone have a suggestion?

As a relatively inexperienced mapper, can I just say that I like the
quarterly projects and thanks for the wiki page that answered a lot of



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