[Talk-GB] Review plan for adding 1, 164 wikidata tags in the West Midlands

Edward Betts edward at 4angle.com
Sun Jan 17 11:08:47 UTC 2016

I've written software to match geographic objects in OSM with Wikidata items.

Members of the England West Midlands community have asked me to add Wikidata
tags to OSM in the West Midlands. I have produced a list of objects to modify,
there are 1,164 of them in 44 categories.

Wikidata identifiers are look like Q2256, a Q followed by a number. The tags
I plan to add will look will look like this: wikidata=Q2256

Wiki page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wikidata

The matching is based on finding OSM objects with nearby Wikidata items and
comparing the names and tags in OSM with labels and aliases in Wikidata. 

My plan is to add these tags using the API, one changeset per category.

Here is a list of matches grouped by category with links to Wikidata,
Wikipedia and OSM for each match.


This is the list of Wikidata tags that I actually plan to add:


This second lists has duplicates removed. I've also removed any OSM objects
that already have a wikidata tag.

Wikidata is licensed as public domain or CC0. I'm not importing any location
data from Wikidata, just the Wikidata identifier.

There are 44,559 existing wikidata tags in the OSM database.

I've added an entry to the Import Catalogue in the "Ongoing Imports,
Semi-Automated" section.


If this upload is successful I plan to repeat the process for other regions in
the UK. Then gradually expand to other parts of the world.

The matching software is in a reasonably tidy state, after a bit more clean up
I will share it for others to review and contribute.

Any questions or comments?

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