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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 13:14:37 UTC 2016

On 17/01/16 12:40, Dave F. wrote:
> Although I'm uncertain of a perfect solution as both the entrance and
> recreation ground appears to be shared in Ed's example, I find there's
> usually a defining boundary around schools that are adjacent to each
> other. Especially infant schools where they don't want the little ones
> wandering off. Looking at the site using a website that shall not be
> mentioned, it appears to use a fence & the school building itself as the
> barrier. On ground conformation will, of course, be required.

Situations where a school has a secure play area which is used by
Nursary and first school pupils at different times is not unusual,
especially now the 'Nursery' provision for younger children is being
added around the country. Ideally for us this would just extend the
range of an existing school, but there seems to be financial advantages
in creating a separate 'school'? Yes closer inspection may produce
different results, but to get the key data in now would be nice, and it
can be refined later?

> As mapped ATM both the fhrs:id & ref:edubase tags aren't associated with
> amenity=school which is not ideal for filtering data.

Proper quoting would have included this comment in with mine about
whether amenity=school was appropriate on the outer boundary when it is
difficult to separate multiple edubase refs inside the area. Just as
there are a number of ways off adding 'school' to an item, there may be
a case for 'landuse=school' where one is then going to add
'amenity=school' to the internal elements? Be that simple nodes for each
occupant of a high rise building, or the primary building of each where
several other buildings and play areas are shared during the day.

For filtering data I think that 'amenity=school' makes sense when linked
with all the primary data for each school, which ever country is looked
at, so some means of identifying the landuse for a multiple school area
is the logical follow through. I'm very tempted at the moment to simply
remove the Evesham boundary 'amenity=school' tag and replace it with on
on each primary building which will at least allow the current
verification to cross them off the list. What ever way things are
progressed, something needs to be changed.

( And in relation to mass adding wikidata tags to the CURRENT school
references, this is premature since in many cases the wrong area is tagged )

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