[Talk-GB] Review plan for adding 1, 164 wikidata tags in the West Midlands

Edward Betts edward at 4angle.com
Sun Jan 17 18:17:10 UTC 2016

Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk> wrote:
> If there is not a node for a village in the OSM data, then it needs
> adding. While wikipedia may return the same page for the village and the
> matching parish, I thought that wikidata should distinguish between a
> village record and a parish one?

For now Wikidata tends to be similar to Wikipedia. There is a single Wikipedia
article that describes both a civil parish and village, so the same is true on
Wikidata. Over time Wikidata might start adding extra items for the civil
parish. This is happening already in Germany.

Wikipedia has an article about a village called Brailes, but OSM has nodes for
two villages, Upper Brailes and Lower Brailes. The matcher solves this problem
by picking the civil parish.


Another example: Upton Snodsbury in Wikipedia is called Upper Snodsbury in
OSM, so the matcher picks the civil parish. There is a note on the Upper
Snodsbury node that suggesting that the name might be wrong.



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