[Talk-GB] Review plan for adding 1, 164 wikidata tags in the West Midlands

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 22:52:15 UTC 2016

Hi Edward,

Thanks for your work on this and for being able to do it so soon after the
January Mappa Mercia meeting. I find that the data your matching algorithm
produces (e.g. the duplicates that you will skip) is a fantastic QA tool
and highlights that there are areas where OpenStreetMap can be improved.

In regards to schools I would be happy for you to add wikidata tags. It
makes sense to include both the Edubase/SEEDCODE/DENI IRN and the wikidata
ref. One links to the official data source whilst the other links to a
global data portal. There is metadata in the official sources which is
generally not tagged in OSM (e.g. headteacher) and having access to this in
a global data portal simplifies the issue of having to look at a different
official dataset for each country.

Timing wise I'd suggest adding the school data now and then re-running the
query in 3 months after the end of our quarterly project to see if anything
changes. It is no more work (Shift+R in JOSM) to move a wikidata tag from
node to way as it is to move the amenity=school tag from node to way so I
don't see this as a blocker. Others may have different opinions.

For info: We are adding the references to edubase schools dataset quite
quickly at the moment - 1200 since the beginning of January [1]. This
represent 7% of UK schools in OSM vs 0.2% of schools with a wikidata tag.
Having both as high as possible enables us to do some cross validation.


[1] http://robert.mathmos.net/osm/schools/osm-tag-keys.html
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