[Talk-GB] [Imports] OSM with Wikidata: 27232 matches found in England

Edward Betts edward at 4angle.com
Tue Jan 26 19:53:35 UTC 2016

Neil Matthews <ndmatthews at plus.net> wrote:
> I had a look at your Bristol matches -- most are reasonable, a few issues:
> Q5015771 — Cabot Circus — Cabot Circus (way, distance: 165 m) building=yes
>     Matched to parking not the shopping area -- OSM updated, was a suburb
> place

I've added landuse=commerical to the list of tags that the matcher looks for.

> University of Bristol
>     one of three matches is to operator UWE Bristol -- OSM updated should be

This is because the UWE building has the name B, and B is a substring of
'University of Bristol'. I can adjust the matching to stop this happening.

> Stoke Park
>     should probably match to Stoke Park Estate -- remove duplicating node
> from OSM

The matcher has a list of possible name endings for parks: park, gardens
and common. I've added "estate" to this list. For parks the names "Stoke Park"
and "Stoke Park Estate" will be considered to be a match.

> Brislington West (ward)
>     matched to Saint Annes -- probably needs checking further?

Saint Annes is given as a polish language alias for Brislington West on
Wikidata. I'm going to check if non-English names are useful for matching, or
if I should just ignore them.

> P.S. Might be fun to see the items for Bristol that couldn't be matched :-)

I'll see if I can produce a list. Wikidata contains items with geographic
coordinates for things no longer exist, like demolished buildings. Maybe I can
detect if the Wikipedia article about the item is written in the past tense.


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