[Talk-GB] Fwd: Re: Admin Boundaries in Northern Ireland

Walter Nordmann wnordmann at gmx.de
Thu Jan 28 09:16:22 UTC 2016

Hi Andy,

 > Ireland (the island) is normally handled as one entity in OSM, so 
tends to be covered by the talk-ie list and the #osm-ie IRC channel.
 > This makes some sort of sense even in the context of admin boundaries 
as as I understand it the underlying Townland etc. structure predates 
the establishment of "Northern Ireland" (the part of Ulster that is in 
the UK).

Oops, something i was not aware of. And you are right, that makes sense.

 > Someone from the Irish community has already answered your original 
question over here: 
http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=573526#p573526 That 
links to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ireland/Boundaries

I did not check the  uk forum after "switching" to talk-gb. Sorry for 
that. And thank's for the link.

 > As has already been said, politically it's complicated... : 

I know, but i think that has nothing to do with this "strange" 
al5-boundaries. I'll check the links right now and may be i ask the 
irishmen again.


btw: i'm delivering admin boundaries for the whole world: 
You may select, view and download them for free and of course use them 
in your applications. I got questions from my "customers" asking me 
"What the hell is going on in Northern Ireland? No boundaries there - 
only AL10? We can't use it for our Applications."

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