[Talk-GB] Next Quarterly Project

Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 17:13:04 UTC 2016

Hi everyone

A new quarter starts tomorrow so we need a new topic.  How about farms?  Or
more precisely landuse=farmyard. These are major landmarks in rural areas,
often with sizeable buildings and usually named in OS StreetView. The only
data I've found  so far is that there are approx. 100,000  recipients of EU
farm subsidies and taginfo with approx 14,000 farms mapped in OSM - so a
long way to go.  There are obvious problems with just armchair mapping -
some farms seem to be little more than caravan storage, some have
transformed into equestrian centres, small industrial parks or become just
residential - so lots of encouragement for long walks or cycle rides in the
country during our glorious English summer

Those of us in mappamercia want to try and concentrate our efforts in one
place as this makes a more obvious difference to the map - so we'll be
concentrating on the county of Herefordshire, which is generally sparsely
mapped. You're all welcome to assist, or to suggest a similar place in your
own region.

Rob Nickerson will be setting up a taginfo script to show us a running
daily total.

Happy mapping!


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