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Great news.


Is it possible we can add something to the wiki page about an agreed way to tag multiple schools on a single site, or schools with multiple sites. I think earlier discussions here suggested:


For a site with multiple schools (grounds shared, separate buildings) tag the grounds as amenity=school, and the name, edubase ref and address details for each school on the relevant building.


e.g. http://osm.org/go/0EHYuEeGJ--?m=



For a school with multiple sites, use a site relation, with each site being tagged amenity=school with the relevant address on each, and the edubase ref on the main site. I’m less sure about this one and have no examples.


I also don’t have an example for multiple schools in a single building. If they were separate entrances I’d probably put the differing details on the entrance nodes, but as I’ve not encountered this I’m not sure whether it happens anywhere. Nor if they share an entrance how that would be tagged.


Robert’s excellent progress tracking tool also shows adult education centres where I have been unable to find an edubase reference, e.g.


Should they have edubase references? If so how would I find them?




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We did it! 

Today we set the record for the highest number of edits to amenity=school features in the UK. Between us we edited 405 schools beating our previous high from 18th January.

Looking at the detail we created 202 new school polygons (a 33% increase on our previous daily best) and modified 191 ways. The other edits (12) were to nodes. 

We are now at 75.4% of all UK schools mapped as ways (according to Robert W's fantastic progress tool). This is up from just 62.8% when we started this task at the start of January. All but 10 postcode areas are above 50% complete. When we started there was 30 below 50% (8 below 40%). At the top end we have 24 postcode areas 95+ percent complete. Compared to zero when we started!

A total of 38 people edited during the day - again, another record! And the edits of those who used the #OSMschools comment in their changesets can been seen at http://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-changesets?comment=OSMschool#5/55.838/-1.604

Thanks for the amazing effort today. I hope the MapRoulette task is proving popular and will encourage more edits in the least loved parts of the UK OSM map.



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