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Jez Nicholson jez.nicholson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 13:47:31 UTC 2016

For the quarterly project, would you say that we're looking for something
that does all of the following?:
* include/attract lots of people
* improve the UK map in either accuracy or coverage
* attract outside attention
* be sort-of interesting to us

On Sun, 13 Mar 2016 at 17:33 Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Following the extraordinary success of the Schools project we need  to
> decide how to proceed with the next quarter's project.
> There is a view we shoud rollover the project for another quarter so as to
> approach completion.
> I favour rolling it into an ongoing UK national project (similar to the
> Irish Townlands project), keeping the existing tools in place to monitor
> progress. As a byproduct do a major revamp of the UK projects wiki page to
> bring it up to date.
> As for the subject for next quarter's project if we move the Schools
> project to a national project and don't roll it over, a number of ideas
> have been put forward:
> 1. Water: add sewage works, rivers,streams and ponds from OSSV, improve
> lake outlines, improve alignments, separate natural and reservoir
> tags,improve coastlines, add bridges or tunnels where waterways cross
> highways and railways etc.
> 2. Healthcare: add hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies. Or possibly
> just add doctors which is a smaller target. I think national single Open
> Data sources exist for all of these. It will need more surveying than
> Schools (not visible on OSSV or aerial imagery)
> 3. Highway Maxheights, maxwidths, maxweights: various data sources exist
> but I don't  think there's one national resource. Improving this data will
> make our data more usable for routing. There is the possibility to involve
> couriers, haulage companies etc either organisationally, or individual
> drivers
> 4.There's also a suggestion to group-mentor a GSoC (Google Summer of Code)
> project, which I believe doesn't fit well as a quarterly project, as it
> won't involve a wide swathe of the community. We could explore it as an
> additional project
> 5. And a light-hearted suggestion - map some monkey puzzle trees as part
> of this project <https://monkeypuzzletrees.wordpress.com/>
> It might also be worth doing some kind of survey to see what motivated
> participants in teh Schools project, what they liked, what they didn't
> like, how we could improve, how they heard of the project (if indeed some
> of the single editors were even aware they were being counted as part of a
> project)
> As ever: opinions and other suggestions welcome
> Regards
> Brian
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