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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 09:46:55 UTC 2016

Oh come on I'm not here to bash the history of OSM. I think what we have
done is incredible and I genuinely believe that the presence of OSM has
pushed both the government (the OS) and Google to where we are now - strong
competition and more open data.

We have open data now - great. The question is how do we continue to push
the boundaries of the geospatial industry in the UK? Steve has in the past
said to focus on addresses. Perhaps if we did that then at some tipping
point the government will release all addresses as open data - a big
success and we move on to the next trigger...? But for how long can we
continue to be a strong trigger unless we can keep up with the status quo?
Is it OK to leave it to the data users to merge the open data with OSM or
is that burden too large for them to bother (at which point the pressure of
OSM in the UK reduces)?

The reason I ask is because I don't have the answers. Hoping some of the
data users on the list may be able to suggest a point where the burden
would become too large.

Please, don't get defensive as that gets us nowhere. Hopefully this is
something we can pick up in the coming year :-)


> On 29 Mar 2016 10:29 p.m., "Paul Sladen" <osm at paul.sladen.org> wrote:
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>> On Tue, 29 Mar 2016, Rob Nickerson wrote:
>> > P.P.S. By which I'm asking: do you think that (unless we get loads of
>> > mappers) more availability of open data possess a threat to OSM in the
>> A decade ago a person called Steve needed a map and couldn't get oneā€¦
>> We are here to assemble and curate data for now and the future, not to
>> chastise others following that lead and doing the same.
>>         -Paul
>> ie. There is no 'threat' from having legitimately-usable open data: it
>> is the very premise upon OpenStreetMap was founded.
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