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Tue Mar 29 11:17:55 UTC 2016

Actually I enjoy the process of going out & surveying stuff for OSM.

Of course it's nice that we can be better (more up-to-date, more detail,
additional attributes etc) than other map providers, but many contributors
do it not purely to add stuff to OSM, but for a multitude of other reasons:

   - to learn more about the places around where one lives;
   - to get out;
   - to meet-up with like minded people;
   - to get some exercise;
   - to go to the less obvious places;
   - to avoid stultifying in front of a screen;
   - to collect some data for some other purpose.

As long as people are motivated by one or all of these reasons, I see no
reason why they won't contribute to OSM. I suspect it's a fallacy that
people only contribute to OSM because other sources of OpenData aren't up
to scratch. If we have competition it is with other types of
volunteer-collected data, not with things like OS Open Data. OSM will never
achieve the consistency of coverage that OSGB do, so there will always be
applications and use-cases which will prefer to use data of this sort

Anyway, as long as I continue to find on average one bug a week with OS
OpenData streetnames there's room for both of us: particularly as I work to
improve both sets of data together.

Jerry Clough

On 26 March 2016 at 09:46, John Aldridge <jpsa at cantab.net> wrote:

> On 26-Mar-16 06:30, Rob Nickerson wrote:
>>  >And there seems to be some more
>>  >open data on the way from the OS.
>> Interesting. A good opportunity but maybe also a threat - I wonder what
>> quality of map can now be produced from OGL and other open data and how
>> that compares to OSM. We already have some users that mix and match
>> between OSM and other sources.
>> How do we ensure the mix continues to contain a lot of OSM data?
> By ensuring that OSM data is of higher quality, or contains useful
> information still absent from those other sources. If we can't or don't do
> that, OSM (in the UK) will cease to have a purpose, and can be left to
> wither un-mourned.
> --
> Cheers,
> John
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