[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project: Update 1

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 22:24:44 UTC 2016

Here is a summary of the quartly project on Food Hygiene Rating data:

1. Contact with Food Standard Agency
Jez Nicholson mentioned the quarterly project to Dr Sian Thomas, Head of
Information Management at Food Standards Agency on Twitter. Her reaction is

Has anyone followed up on this? Maybe we could get the source data in a
better form with addresses split out in to housenumber, road, postcode, etc
(rather than address line 1, address line 2, etc).

2. The FHRS/OSM comparison tool developed by gregrs makes it possible to
review matches and mis-matches by area. You can also download GPX files and
open objects for editing in JOSM.

3. Stats are available in daily data dumps, progress graphs and the taginfo
tracker. Over 3000 FHRS IDs have been added (see taginfo tracker).


4. Aberdeen seem to have changed their FHRS IDs since they were added to
OSM. Robert W asks whether there is an old code to new code lookup table:

Has anyone asked Aberdeen of FSA about this yet?

5. A number of badly spaced or formatted postcodes have been found in OSM.
If anyone would like to propose a mechanical edit this would save a lot of
people time that can be used to map new things!


Best regards,
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