[Talk-GB] Composite mapping (OSM and OS, PRoWs etc)

Luke Smith luke.smith at grough.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 15:02:32 UTC 2016

I mentioned a while back that grough was developing a composite map,
blending OSM data with OS OpenData to fill in the gaps, and using public
rights of way data directly from the local authorities which have released
it. Over time, hopefully we will rely progressively less on other data

I'm happy to say there's now a beta available, at http://geo.gy/ with more
details about the project at http://map.grough.co.uk/.

There'll also soon be a 3D version available, building on the prototype at
http://3d.geo.gy/ to cover all of Great Britain and improve the controls.

The source code behind generating the maps is open source, although not
suitable for on-the-fly tile generation because of the preprocessing. The
idea was to create a map which could be printed and used at a fixed scale
(1:25,000 scale), with labels moved around to avoid obscuring detail etc.

If anyone has comments or advice for us, it would be gratefully received.
We're aware of some issues already, so this is only a beta release.
Similarly if anyone would like to use the maps, we'd be more than happy to
help if you run into problems.

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