[Talk-GB] Strange displays ...

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Sep 22 12:57:04 UTC 2016

Not heading out in the car very often I don't use Osmand on a daily
basis so some of the apparently random changes to the screen cause
confusion. This morning I was driving down the M5 and the speed shown on
the sat nav did not seem to be right. I'm sure you have all worked out
what speed you see on the speedo to be doing 70ish on the gps, so it
just did not feel right. I was also a little confused by the quoted
arrival time until I realised it was now showing a countdown instead!

It was a gruelling 2 hour run to do 60 miles so I was late getting down
but before I left I tried to find out what was going wrong ... First
problem, the speeds were set to 'nautical miles' rather than simply
miles. So why was that changed, but more of a problem is there does not
seem to be an option at all to get the arrival time back. Something I
use quite often when telling people how I'm doing.

So why not complain on the Osmand list ... I will copy there ... but
though I would ask if any other UK users find this continual changing of
simple things actually dangerous? I knew the sat nav speed was wrong,
but only because the rest of the traffic was keeping it down. The other
area on Osmand is the poor quality of routing for rural routes. I STILL
can't work out how to get it to use the secondary roads around here
without re-tagging them incorrectly as B roads. Down at Bath today it
insisted on taking the A roads in which anybody who knows Bath KNOWS is
just wrong, but it will not pick up the Landsdown routes into that side
of Bath.

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