[Talk-GB] Birmingham Tree Import

Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 15:12:28 UTC 2017

 Hi everyone

Thank you all for your interest in the import of trees in Birmingham. If
we'd realised they were this interesting we certainly wouldn't have gone
down the road we did.  We genuinely thought that the trees of Birmingham
wouldn't interest anyone outside of Birmingham and discussion with the
local community meant what it said. I believe the latter is  is still an
open question and worthy of discussion in a separate thread.

I'm starting a new thread to discuss how  we recover the situation, please
don't descend it into a death spiral of negativity which solves nothing and
just leaves everyone angry and upset. So thank you to Harry Wood for
setting the process going with a wikipage. I've followed up by creating a
dedicated import account with which I propose to eventually complete the
import and of course do any bulk edits on the existing data that become

*For these two omissions I believe I have been justifiably chastised  and I
am duly contrite. My real fault is being too enthusiastic so reeling me
back in has done me good.*

On the subject of fixing things, my block seems to have been precipitated
by my not participating in changeset discussions of which I still remain
oblivious because apparently the automatic email notification system breaks
randomly and it seems I'm one of its victims. I can't fix this and I think
it's a problem of at least two years standing. Can I ask that it be given
some priority? How many others are being caught like this and being less
thick-skinned than me  are turned off participating again?

In the meantime is there any workround for viewing changeset discussions?



Lighten up everyone, OpenStreetMap is  meant to be fun. If it's stopped
being fun: stop!
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