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Tue Apr 25 10:47:03 UTC 2017

Hi Dave & David,

Thanks for the feedback- appreciate it.

OpenLitterMap.com enables Citizen Scientists to tell a story and like the
millions of tonnes of plastic choking our oceans, it is meant to be
provocative (hence a few animations). I think one of the websites strengths
is its ability to communicate the problems of littering and be used in an
educational setting for collecting data and communicating that data. The
nav bar is fixed at the top which clearly says "Maps & Data" which guides
the user to click on a country name for a list of areas that have maps
within each country. Each sub-country location can be loaded on a map,
which also has a time slider and dynamically-sized weighted hex. grid for
spatial analysis. It might take a minute to navigate but I don't think it's
particularly difficult? All instructions are listed on each respective
page. I will follow up with some improved tutorials soon.

If you are unable to contribute as little as 30p a day to finance the
continued development of OpenLitterMap.com, there is a free account, which
will increase in upload allowance as you play the game. I think the first 2
increases are at level 5 and 10 and I will leave you explore if you want to
find out how it will increase over time. Basically the more people that are
happy to contribute, the greater the upload allowance will be for everyone.
At the moment I need to be conservative as I am financing this
independently, but I hope there are a community of mappers out there who
would like to see this project developed further. Any additional feedback
is welcome and I will take OSM considerations seriously.

Once the data grows a bit, researchers and councils can download it at ease
which I hope can improve our modes of understanding and intervention. The
goal here is to find new ways to stop plastic reaching the ocean by
enabling civic participation and creating open data.

If you would like to give it a whirl and report back, please do

Kind regards,


On 25 April 2017 at 11:19, David Woolley <forums at david-woolley.me.uk> wrote:

> On 25/04/17 10:44, Dave F wrote:
>> Unsure how you expect this site to reduce litter. It's not going to
>> prevent people dropping their waste & it's more productive to contact
>> your local authority to get fly-tipping debris removed.
> +1
> Also, by looking at sites that already collect this sort of information,
> e.g. FixMyStreet.com, one would conclude that the map you get will show the
> locations of concerned individuals, not a complete picture of the litter,
> and that, where there is a picture, it can be predicted from local
> sociological and environmental conditions, that are probably already well
> known to the relevant council employees, and their refuse collection
> companies.
> My guess would be that the areas with the worst littering problems have
> relatively few concerned individuals, and, in any case, the number of
> individuals sufficiently interested to spend the time needed to lock up a
> GPS and take the photographs, is too few to get even 1% coverage.
> (I also found the animation annoying, and possibly even disability
> discrimination violations, and found it difficult work out what you were
> really doing.  I'm still not completely sure.
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