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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Aug 10 12:18:56 UTC 2017

On 10/08/17 11:15, Miguel Sevilla-Callejo wrote:
> Hi Lester,

God I hate replying to top posters :(

> Have you read the Wiki [1]? Have you see street sing pictures [2][3]?
That wiki page does not ACTUALLY say 'only map what is visible'
The tag covering the sign for Queen's Square should have ...

> I'm improving the DATA adding a neutral and appropriate "name" tag as
> well as the "name:en" and "name:cy" tags.
And I would tag those as
name:cy=Maes Y Frenhines
name:en=Queen's Square

Other translations would probably be based off the English version as I
don't think there are many other Welsh to xxx dictionaries? So expanding
the 'SQ.' element is important.

The problem is that while I search for Queen's Sq Aberystwyth it is
being found as Queens' Road
so local knowledge is needed to explain the signage ...

> I guess that the wiki says is the way to do it, right?
The wiki does not ACTUALLY say that is right - or wrong - which is the
problem? Should the case used on the signs be followed, should shorthand
be expanded to make searching easier.

> Here we are to argue if it is wrong of not but from my point of view
> it's the right approach because it is the same as in other bilingual
> places around the World: some places in Spain, Belgium, etc.
Since it is widely accepted that the wiki is simply guidelines then as I
said "This is still a bit of a woolly area". What is still accepted is
that the key structure is English and so the default when nothing is
defined should be 'English' so putting the english element first can be
argued as the 'correct' approach, and I would prefer that I can find
'Queen's Square' easily which is more difficult when 'name' element is
randomly ordered. Added to which other countries have their own wars on
who's language is more important. So we ended up with all the extra keys
under 'name' http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:name with the
comment against 'name' being what I would consider a rule and the one I
described ... except it misses the problem of case.

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