[Talk-GB] Edits in Wales

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 04:36:40 UTC 2017


sorry to say, but so far this thread reads as follows for me

* please do not map what is on the ground
* do not follow the wiki, it's wrong
* join us at a pub meeting and we tell you how to map
* o yes, we do not have pub meetings in remote areas
* you will have to contact half of the British mapping community to
hear their opinion
  (but they do not read the mailing list, nor changeset comments)

my conclusion: please do not map in the UK.

For me, this mean that OSM-UK has to go a long way to attract new
mappers in a friendly way.
It's a pity that even after 13 years, it is not documented properly
how street names in Wales have to be mapped.

I hope this will be fixed next year. I'm planning on a vacation in
Wales and I hope I can contribute by applying the general rules that I
apply now in Belgium. Or that I can find proper documentation on how
to map.



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