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El 14/8/2017 14:42, "Andy Townsend" <ajt1047 at gmail.com> escribió:

Hi Miguel,

A question.  Many places in Wales are predominantly Welsh- or predominantly
English-speaking.  For somewhere like https://www.openstreetmap.org/
node/3378387351 , if "name" was a compound of both the Welsh and English
names rather than the more frequently / locally used version, how would I
know what the preferred name actually was?

Of course there could be places as nodes it could have an English or Welsh
name as their more common one. A survey is needed for that.

Anyway an neutral approach is right from my point of view and I was talking
mainly about street names.

Currently the answer is easy - look at the "name" tag.  If "name" is
instead a compound, how do you suggest a map consumer - or someone just
looking at a map - should do that?


There are several places in the World like some regions in Spain, as I said
before, where we use this approach.

I guess some of you don't like only for eastetic problem and I'm afraid
some could think Welsh is a minor or not serious language (even within the
BBC in London some think so...)

Anyway there is no reason to have the most frequently situation I found:
name=English; name:cy=Welsh_name. In this situation Welsh is been relegated
to a second place. Then, at least we have to add a "name:en" and later
let's think what to do with "name" tag. It's cristal clear for me.

No more comments about the arbitrary and unilateral change in the wiki.
It's amazing! I'm telling that in Spanish community and they couldn't



Best Regards,


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