[Talk-GB] Select and correct a discovered key duplication of sorts in JOSM

Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com
Sat Aug 19 15:32:01 UTC 2017

I am most grateful for your immediate and constructive reply.
I am used to Overpass Turbo and think it is a brilliant resource but lack the knowledge to construct any but the simplest queries.  I understand what you write about bulk uploading.  I am confident that few, if any, entries will be from other OSM contributors – it was something I wanted to do to provide information to users of the Chilterns while adding standardised Public Rights of Way references, as the Chiltern Society has its own path numbering system that it uses in its publications.  It is great to see the total extent of my actions, which I should not have been able to create in JOSM.  I am surprised to find I have been so far afield!  I must mention at this point, I had completely overlooked the presence of a checkbox, “case sensitive” in JOSM until I had posted my message!  I think I agree the key should be completely lower case as that is the usual structure.  It was second nature to use initial capitals for a proper name.  I regret I have no success exporting the data.  I have JOSM open but receive the message, “Remote control not found. :( Make sure JOSM is already running and properly configured.” which surprised me because I have used the remote control facility before and work with the latest update always.

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