[Talk-GB] Are Northern Ireland, Wales & England 'states'?

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Aug 22 16:22:24 UTC 2017

On 22/08/17 12:23, Colin Smale wrote:
> If you ask people where they live, they will probably talk about the
> county level and the settlement/town/city, but the informal boundaries
> of these settlements will likely not follow the administrative
> boundaries. In fact, it may not be possible to agree a polygon with a
> sharp boundary of what constitutes a settlement with a given name. Most
> place=* polygons in OSM just follow the boundary of the built-up area.
> So I see a possible role for is_in - to help out geocoding where
> geometrical methods lead to an undesirable (though accurate) result.

Middlesex ceased to exist in 1965 yet many people still use it in their
postal address ... there is certainly no boundary for it on OSM :) To
add to the fun, facebook's allowed list of places miss-identifies this
area of London in the same way as the other areas that became London
Boroughs back then and this is creating a mess in Facebook's use as a
business platform.

Starting with a list of the current official designations from the ONS
database has to be the correct currently accurate information, but while
there should be a boundary associated with each entry, a simple list of
elements does not need to be overloaded with all of the way information
providing that boundary. It is a secondary relation to the base 'name'.

provides a list of the official COUNTRIES in the United Kingdom but even
that is probably inaccurate in relation to is Northern Ireland part of
the United Kingdom? ( At some time will Scottish translations also be
added? )

The Open Geography Portal provides a list of data and the basis for
checking that within OSM, but it will be easier to complete a complete
mirror of is_in: hierarchy which can be updated as changes appear in the
ONS dataset and THEN associate boundaries as appropriate.

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