[Talk-GB] Importing Website Data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Dec 21 15:49:57 UTC 2017


On 21.12.2017 16:13, Mark Goodge wrote:
> My vision of OSM is a movement which places its users first, by
> providing the maximum utility possible for those who look at the maps.
> That means maximising the quantity, accuracy, relevance and timeliness
> of the data.

That is certainly a valid approach that many will subscribe to. The
goals you mention will sometimes have to be weighed against each other
("is a large amount of inaccurate data better than a small amount of
accurate data", "is it good to add this bulk data which is unlikely to
be cared for by mappers and hence will soon lack in timeliness" etc) but
on the whole they're a good selection.

I think that relevance plays a big role, and commercial players tend to
claim that concept for themselves ("tell us something about you so we
can display ads that are relevant to you") - in my view, a pub in your
town is not "relevant" because the chain operating it thinks that it
should be, but because the locals find it relevant.

I do concede that I've mapped many a business in random places I've been
to without asking the locals if it is relevant to them though.


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