[Talk-GB] Mistagging of old telephone boxes

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 22 21:41:13 UTC 2017


FYI user Yorvik Prestigitator has been tagging telephone boxes across 
Britain. He assumed some of these are working phones & tagged them as 
such, when they're purely ornamental (the ones in my city are recent 
additions & have flowers growing out of them at the moment).

When asked for his data's source for this widespread edit & he said "old 
photographs". I've asked a couple of times to give further details, but 
has not been forthcoming & has added additional ones since. I've checked 
to two usable 'streetview' websites, but there's no views for the edits 
I checked. I hope he's not using GM. Is there another source I'm not be 
aware of?


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