[Talk-GB] Asda petrol station data

Paul Gillard paulmgillard at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 18:15:26 UTC 2017

I couldn't find the Asda petrol station data page on the wiki but would be
interested to have a look.

1. If the URLs are anything like
https://storelocator.asda.com/store/sale-petrol-filling-station then I'd
tag it with the 'website' key as it contains more than just opening hours.

2. There's a pretty comprehensive project for parsing opening hours values
at https://github.com/opening-hours/opening_hours.js. They have a validator
demonstrating the project at https://openingh.ypid.de/evaluation_tool/.
That site agrees with my understanding that "06:00-22:00" is perfectly


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> Hi all,
> Following the shell petrol station data I wanted to learn more about the
> tools that Ilya was using (the conflate script and the community validation
> website). To do this I have downloaded the Asda petrol station data. This
> was listed on the OSM United Kingdom wiki page as a source we have
> permission to use and I have followed this up and checked the permission
> details.
> It's only a small dataset but it should still be treated with care. As such
> I will be using the community validation website but before uploading the
> data I would like to check the following:
> 1. Each petrol station has a URL with the store details including opening
> hours. How should we tag this? Should we use the "website" tag or the
> "opening_hours:url" tag?
> 2. For opening hours 6am to 10pm every day of the week, what is the right
> tag value? Is is "06:00-22:00" or "Mo-Su 06:00-22:00"?
> Thank you,
> *Rob*
> p.s. The timing with the walmart import being discussed on the imports
> mailing list is purely coincidental.
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