[Talk-GB] Live OSM discussion in ~45 minutes (7.30pm UK time)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 26 20:13:57 UTC 2017

Hey Dave,

On 07/26/2017 09:14 PM, Dave F wrote:
> What the !*&@
> Just tuned in & they're talking about hostility & sexism?!

The more toxic your post, the more you prove them right ;)

But yes, it is with some sadness that I see this what I call drive-by
allegations of "toxicity" and "sexism" and whatnot. I think that these
are serious allegations and they must be quantified and qualified.

This morning I noticed someone who had written "JEW" across a house in
OSM. Does that make OSM a project with an ingrained Nazi attitude, or do
we simply have the same proportion of assholes that exists in the whole
of society? And if we do, is it our fault that we need to remedy, or
should we be applauded for representing a diverse part of the population ;)


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