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On 27 July 2017 07:37:43 BST, Ilya Zverev <ilya at zverev.info> wrote:
>On SotM 2016 8 of 45 talks (18%) were given by women. Srravya C in her 
>talk at that SotM shows that only 7% posts in talk@ were posted by 
>women, and just around 2% — in the tagging@ mailing list. She gives a 
>few good ideas about increasing the participation of women, by the way:

That was an interesting talk, I did have a chat with her afterwards and did learn some interesting stuff. 

I did learn a lot, but did see it as more cultural than sexism in OSM. In some parts of the world there is, for example a lack of female toilets and she did mention that she will avoid toilets not explicitly mapped as female. This level of mapping had never occurred to me as a European as the norm is male and female toilets are together so had never seen the need to add that level of detail. As part of the talk she did use Germany as an example of how few female toilets are mapped, but as with the UK it is not something that would be mapped explicitly unless they were separated for some reason. 

I also learned that in India men and women are separated when voting, that is one cultural difference that would never have occurred to me. 

She did also mention that many of the names used it was impossible to determine gender. In informal setting such as osm there is a tendency to use nicknames and the more general shortening of names to gender neutral shortforms. 

Phil (trigpoint) 
>As a member of the Russian community, I can confirm we have ZERO active
>female members.
>27.07.2017 03:14, Simon Poole пишет:
>> On 26.07.2017 23:58, Ilya Zverev wrote:
>>> ........
>>> but these people are a minority in OSM,
>> Numbers please.
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