[Talk-GB] Uploading pictures to OSM

amunizp a75576 at alumni.tecnun.es
Tue Jun 27 15:42:03 UTC 2017

I am helping a community group make a survey of a small wood area. This will be tagging trees, badger habitats, and even sewers.

They use a Garmin  GPS with a camera to take pictures and then we use JOSM to extract the location to later add information like species and such and we upload it to OSM.

I've looked all round, but I have not found a way to upload pictures. Is there a way?

I would use the website key:value to just put links to flicker or what ever but we much rather have links to the community group.

Any suggestions otherwise?
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Andres (he/him/his)
Ham United Group
Richmond Makerlabs

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