[Talk-GB] Mapping Attenuation Ponds / Sustainable Drainage schemes

Steve Brook srbrook at tiscali.co.uk
Sun May 7 16:22:27 UTC 2017

Many new UK housing estates are required to be built with Attenuation Ponds
/ Sustainable Drainage schemes as part of their development. These are to
control rain water runoff during storms and consist of a pond surrounded by
an embankment with a controlled release structure to slow down drainage of
the water to the river system.  


The relevant features might be

.         Low or normal water level of pond

.         High water level or top of embankment

.         Land use/vegetation between low/high water marks is water
tolerant/marsh plants

.         Structures for water input and output - often brickwork and filter
screens round a pipe.


Has anyone any experience of mapping and tagging such a structure? 

Are there any examples of where this has been done?




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