[Talk-GB] OSM UK Web Map - Interested in contributing?

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed May 10 09:24:00 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm leading the project to develop the map on the future OSM-UK website and am looking for contributors.

To summarise: the idea is to do a UK-specific map rendering, with a map friendly for countryside users such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders as well as general map users.

We hope to have a server available soon. I am happy to do much of the work on this, e.g. installing the necessary software (PostGIS and Mapnik etc) as well as developing much of the client- and server-side scripting code, but am seeking contributors and input in these areas in particular.

* The actual rendering. I have some ideas here on how to make the map friendly for countryside users, but am seeking input from professional cartographers and general map users too. General consensus at the moment is to go for a style resembling the OS Landranger (for the countryside) as that is what users are used to. This is something we can start discussing now - while waiting for the server.

* Web design and UX experts. These are not my strong points and we really need people to contribute here!

* Help on the coding - obviously I can't do it all! We'd need front end and back end coders - original thought was PHP for the latter but I'm wondering whether node.js / Express.js would be feasible as Mapnik works with node natively. Need to look into this but this isn't urgent for the moment.

There is a group on Loomio to discuss this so if you're interested please follow the invitation link:




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