[Talk-GB] Importing fuel stations in UK and future similar imports

Ed Loach edloach at gmail.com
Mon May 15 09:13:44 UTC 2017

Rory wrote:

> To chime in, and say I think it's OK to have external ids/refs
> like this. I've done an import which added such a ref and use that tag
> elsewhere. I can totally see the benefit for this w.r.t. to make it
> easier for OSM to interoperate with other datasets. With the
> obvious
> caveat, of "don't rely on it too much, the OSM community might get
> rid
> of it"

I'd add that such references should at least be documented on the wiki, ideally with a link to somewhere the reference can be entered to see what the source provided information-wise.

A quick wiki search finds lots of ref type fields that have been documented. I've not checked how many can be verified. e.g. sustrans_ref, ref:mhs, PMSA_ref, ref:INSEE, ref:isil, ref:FR:PTT, ref:zsj, ref:whc, ref:ERDF:gdo, ref:ruian:building, ref:sandre, uic_ref (and then I stopped scanning the search results).


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