[Talk-GB] Proposed Import of UK Shell Filling Stations

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Mon May 15 11:38:53 UTC 2017

At the risk of being completely behind what has already been posted (as
some of you know I have been preoccupied with other things), some quick

   - Failure to directly contact this list at the same time as imports is
   extremely discourteous. Particularly so as many UK/GB mappers will not
   follow or be subscribed to imports and may not wish to do so. As can be
   seen by others comments this proposal has raised significant interest.
   - Changing of source tag is unacceptable for mapper surveyed locations.
   I would suggest using source:tag for additional data added to existing
   objects. The proposed use of source is fine for new objects
   - The proposed update process will presumably overwrite information
   collected by OSMers even when the latter is more accurate. This will become
   a recurrent problem with high-quality imports of this type. Further
   discussion is needed about this type  process: there is a danger that
   people stop mapping feature X because it is updated mechanically. The
   unwarranted. assumption is that such updates will continue forever.
   - Geolocation is good, perhaps too good. We perhaps need explicit
   statement that no Ordnance Survey data (other than OS Open Data) has been
   used in generating the data set.
   - Similarly for addresses. If the dataset has been PAFed it is not
   possible to use those fields for OSM. Note that datasets previously thought
   to be acceptable, notably Land Registry Prices Paid, have fallen on this
   hurdle. This may seem a pedantic point, but it more or less scuppered ODI's
   OpenAddresses project.
   - Website should only be used if the url identifies the actual location.
   - My personal preference for this type of thing would not be an import *per
   se*, but tools which allow mappers to enrich data from such datasets.
   - This highlights how relatively poorly petrol station brand is mapped.
   In some cases the brand is probably present in the name or operator tags.
   It may well be worth having a bit of a concerted effort to get these tags a
   bit more consistent across fuel stations in the UK.
   - Others have commented on the convenience store side of petrol
   stations. I believe that Shell's brand for these is "Select" or "Shell
   Select", although I passed one yesterday which appeared to be just called


On 11 May 2017 at 21:36, Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> There is a proposal for this import currently under discussion on the talk
> import mailing list and the OSMUK chapter has asked the proposer that it be
> discussed on the talk GB mailing list
> Regards
> Brian
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