[Talk-GB] cryptic bicycle tagging/attribution on Lever Street in London

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Fri May 19 17:31:11 UTC 2017

On 19/05/17 18:03, Remek Zajac wrote:
> I noted it sent me up the wrong way on a one-way Lever Street
> <https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5276523,-0.0925868,3a,75y,265.97h,55.52t/data=%213m6%211e1%213m4%211sUuuahShWpAONCKSdPgFaPw%212e0%217i13312%218i6656%216m1%211e1>.

Can you please describe the situation without reference to Google Maps 
(to which I have not referred).

Are you saying that the road is one way, with  a cycle lane on the 
right, in the same direction as for motor vehicles?

Also, I don't understand lcn=y.  If it is part of a local cycle network, 
I would have thought that should be represented by its being part of the 
relation for that network.  Duplicating that information risks 
subsequent errors if it ever ceases to be part of the network.

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