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> Can you give some examples of how such things are tagged?  It might be
possible to work something out, but parsing something based on the
description would be difficult.

*scenic=yes* but such tagging is rather subjective by its nature and
extremely scarce in the UK:

Urban example: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/241617443


On 2 November 2017 at 07:49, Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/31/17 19:04, Bob Hawkins wrote:
> 1. The portrayal of barriers: we know kissing gates are not rendered in
> OSM but are rendered in Andy Townsend’s map.  In neither case, though, do
> barriers stand out strongly enough, in my opinion.  I created coloured
> images of a gate, kissing gate and stile for use with my Garmin eTrex
> Legend many years ago for this reason.  I continue to use them now in Locus
> Map on my smartphone.  I wish more attention would be applied; to place an
> appropriate image within a square, even, so that they are more visible.
> My use of "the smallest icons I could get away with" for barriers was a
> deliberate style decision; by all means try differently coloured or larger
> ones.  There's a "soup to nuts" set of instructions at
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:SomeoneElse/
> Ubuntu_1604_tileserver_load and once you've done that you can play around
> with icons and see how they work with everything else.
> 2. Permissive paths: I do not understand “*permissive paths need showing;
> Andy's cartography does not yet do this but again this is something I have
> experience with.”  *Woodhouse Farm in Ipsden, South Oxfordshire has
> provided a permissive footpath and permissive bridleways.  Both are shown
> on Andy’s map (https://map.atownsend.org.uk/maps/map/map.html#zoom=15&lat=
> 53.11419&lon=-1.31171):
> That's a different area - unfortunately you need to click "permalink" at
> the top right to get the URL to update (arguably that's a bug - if anyone
> knows of an "automatic permalink" plugin for leaflet I'll fix it).
> the footpath is overlaid with a pink dashed line and the bridleway is
> shown as others, simply.  I wonder what is the intention so far as
> permissive paths are concerned?  Woodhouse Farm has done walkers and horse
> riders a tremendous service by making these paths available.  The
> alternative PRoW route would have to be through woodland, obscuring
> otherwise beautiful views, which we can enjoy so much now.
> I think the "permissive paths" comment meant that I don't have a specific
> rendering for any "permissive" designation (which is correct - they'll just
> appear as grey).  There's certainly an argument to be had about displaying
> these but I'm not sure what signifier you'd want to use (OS and Nick's fork
> use dash length for "type of path"; my original uses colour, and there
> aren't that many colours left).
> 3. Writing of beautiful views, my final item concerns scenic paths:  I
> have commented elsewhere that I wish paths with scenic views could be
> treated like the road atlases I remember where a green ribbon was placed
> alongside such roads.  I have been unaware that “description” tags have
> been used in OSM in the same way.  I wonder, though, what purpose such a
> tag achieves, or could achieve?
> Can you give some examples of how such things are tagged?  It might be
> possible to work something out, but parsing something based on the
> description would be difficult.
> Best Regards,
> Andy
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