[Talk-GB] Importing Shell fuel stations

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Nov 3 11:20:12 UTC 2017

Ilya Zverev wrote:
> Please help me review the data. Here is the updated map:
> http://bl.ocks.org/Zverik/raw/ddcfaf2da25a3dfda00a3d93a62f218d/

Eek, this still looks a bit sketchy.

Choosing one of the two nearest affected petrol stations to me, the one on
Woodstock Road, Yarnton looks like it would be tagged "brand=Texaco;
operator=Shell" post-import, which is nonsensical.

I think it is actually a Shell now rather than a Texaco (not 100% sure,
neither my bike nor train need to use Shell stations) but in any case the
tag remapping isn't working.

Looking at a few other random ones, there are all sorts of odd little data
issues like this. For example, the phone tag on Shardlow South services is
proposed to be changed from 01332 794127 to 07880 078248. This looks really
unlikely - it's replacing a local geographic number with a mobile number
(and there are big notices at every petrol station telling you not to use
mobiles!). I just checked the number by calling it and the 01332 one is

Ashton-under-Hill (postcode WR11 7QP, near Lester ;) ) is weird too - the
addr:street is proposed to be changed to 'A46', which isn't a street name,
it's a ref. Oddly, further up the A46, we have Six Hills Services
Northbound, where addr:street is currently A46 in OSM, and the import has
'ref_unused_tags.addr:street' as 'Fosse Way', which would actually be
better. But the import proposes adding a house number, so it'd end up as
663-667 A46, which is just odd. (That said, I'm not sure anyone would ever
use a house number for an isolated rural petrol station like this anyway.)

There's clearly some good data in here and it would be a shame not to have
it. But all of these are data issues that would be spotted instantly by
anyone familiar with the UK yet are difficult to code around. So I'd suggest
this would be better done with manual review than by an automated import -
maybe someone can recommend a tool which works well for this?


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