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Comments inline.

On 04/11/2017 20:07, Adam Snape wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm of the view that using a standard format would be rather unlikely 
> to result in confusion in correspondence with the LA, but am equally 
> happy with using the LA's version. Some thoughts:
> 1.  We definitely shouldn't attempt to amend the definitive map 
> 'parish' to correspond to modern civil parish boundaries. That could 
> cause problems.

Could you clarify what you mean by "modern civil parish boundaries".

> 2. A standardized format could make it easier for data consumers to 
> utilise the tagged information.

I believe all LAs (admin_level=6) and parishes (admin_level=10) have 
been added so the 'standardised' as described on the wiki contains no 
unique data that can't be retrieved from within osm.

> 3. There often isn't consistency of formatting in official usage. What 
> might appear on the definitive statement as 'Wiggington Bridleway 
> No.7', might appear in orders as 'Bridleway number 7 in the Parish of 
> Wiggington' and on the open data GIS files as 'Wiggington BW 7'

I see that as an internal LA problem & I'm not convinced adding another 
variation within OSM will help.
As long as the format issued under OGL is used, I don't see a problem.

> 4. A minority of authorities number different categories of RoW 
> separately, so a parish may contain both a footpath 1 and a bridleway 
> 1. If we do standardize a format, including the category seems a good 
> way of ensuring we don't end up with duplicate prow_refs in such parishes.
> 5. It would be preferable to use the established acronym BOAT for 
> Byway Open to All Traffic, rather than BY as suggested in the Wiki

 From my OP:
* path abbreviations are unnecessary as their classifications are 
already defined in other OSM tags (highway & designation)

We haven't unified other references countrywide; such as fhrs:ids & C 
roads, or internationally, such as Motorways/Autobahns.


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