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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 12:46:34 UTC 2017

Mike wrote:

> A typical code is "PB|SP29|4/1"

Be warned, this is not the format that Pembrokeshire use on the pdf scans
on their website. It seems to be GIS data only and may be a format Barry

PB is "Pembrokeshire"!

As Pembrokeshire don't use parish names I'd go for prow_ref="FP SP29/4/1"
assuming this is a footpath.


On 6 Nov 2017 12:30 p.m., "Rob Nickerson" <rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dave,
> I think the point was that nobody has a common format. Some LAs use a
> different style when they refer to the same path in the definitive
> statement when compared to the GIS data.
> Of course we can manipulate OGL data. That's included in the licence. If
> we do change then it should be obvious to the LA what we mean if we speak
> with them.
> I will be sticking with the wiki for any I map as this has been previously
> discussed and has therefore grown traction according to taginfo.
> For Leicestershire it seems to be an obvious change: they don't include
> Parish so just don't include it. So I'd map prow_ref="FP J16" as an example.
> P.s. I thought folks usually don't like to add third party database
> references to OSM. Hence we came to an agreement of how prow_ref should be
> *constructed* based on OGL data (not just a copy of one of the third party
> attribute values).
> Thanks,
> Rob
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